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PENTAX Oddities

Pentax made many special variations of their cameras and lenses, either for demo purpose or for special applications. Cutout and transparent cameras and special purpose versions. Click on links below to find pictures and brief info about Pentax oddities.

OdditiesLensTakumar 100mm f3.51957
OdditiesCameraAsahi Pentar S1958
OdditiesCameraAsahi Pentar K1958
OdditiesCameraHeiland Pentax H2 Store Demonstrator1959
OdditiesCameraAsahiflex H21959
OdditiesCameraSpotmatic MD + Mirror Lock-Up1965
OdditiesCameraC.I.A. single-shot gun-camera 1966
OdditiesCameraSpotmatic Gold1970
OdditiesCameraCutout Spotmatic II 1971
OdditiesCameraInstrument SPF Motor Drive 1975
OdditiesCameraKM Motor Drive1975
OdditiesCameraMX Data1976 circa
OdditiesCameraMX Medical1976 circa
OdditiesCameraMX Medical with Zeiss Dataphot back 1976 circa
OdditiesCameraMF1977 circa
OdditiesCameraMF-11977 circa
OdditiesCameraCutout LX1980
OdditiesCameraLX Gold1981
OdditiesCameraCutout ME-F1981
OdditiesCameraSuper A European Camera of The Year 1983
OdditiesCameraA3 Date Military 1985
OdditiesCameraTransparent SFX/SF1 1987
OdditiesCameraTransparent Z-10/PZ-101991
OdditiesCameraTransparent Z-1/PZ-11992
OdditiesCameraK1000 Anniversary1994
OdditiesCameraZ-1 Special Edition1994
OdditiesCameraLX Titan1994
OdditiesCameraLX Limited1996
OdditiesCameraMZ-3 SE1998
OdditiesCameraLX 20002000
OdditiesCameraMZ-3 Limited Package2000
OdditiesLensSMC Pentax-L 43mm f/1.9 Special in Leica mount2000
OdditiesCameraTransparent Auto 1101979
OdditiesCameraAuto 110 Safari1979
OdditiesCameraTransparent Espio 105 Super/IQZoom 105 Super1990
OdditiesCamera67II 612003
OdditiesCamera*istD "50 Years C.R. Kennedy"2004
OdditiesCameraK10D Grand Prix Package2007


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