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Our book on Asahiflex and Asahi Pentax screw mount cameras, written by Danilo Cecchi with additional text and all pictures by AOHC, has been published on occasion of 9th Pentax Day in Spoleto.
17x24cm size, 220 pages (Italian language). Special price for members is 30.00 Euros (35.00 Euros to the public). 
You can order it by paying Dario Bonazza via Paypal. Don't forget asking shipping cost before paying! Please send inquiries here.

Here follows a list of published books completely devoted to Pentax. They are listed following alphabetical order of their respective authors. Some of them are still available for purchasing new, while most can only be found on secondhand market. The list is quite comprehensive, even though not complete. Further information will always be welcome.

BooksIngleseThe Eyes1981
BooksIngleseAsahi Pentax Manual1971/1973
BooksInglesePentax ME & MX Pocket Companion1980
BooksOlandeseHet Pentax reflexboek1981
BooksIngleseAsahi Pentax and Pentax SLR 35mm cameras 1952-19891991
BooksInglesePentax Users's Guide: MZ-5, MZ-10, Z-1p, Z-701996
BooksInglesePentax Classic Cameras K2, KM, KX, LX, M series, Spotmatic series1999
BooksInglesePentax Pocket Companion1962 - 1967
BooksIngleseAsahi Pentax Manual (Honeywell Pentax Manual)1975
BooksInglesePentax LX System (camera test)1982
BooksInglesePentax Guide/Asahi Pentax Guide (1^ - 21^ ed.)1960 - 1979
BooksIngleseTaking a closer look with the Asahi Pentax (closeup/macro)1966
BooksInglesePentax SLR Guide1968
BooksTedescoPentax kameras von Gestern fuer Anwender von Heute: ESII, SPF, K2, KX, KM, ME, MX, ME Super 1992
BooksInglesePentax Modern Classics 1: ESII, SPF, K2, KX, KM, ME, MX, ME Super 1992
BooksInglesePentax and Single-Lens-Reflex Photography (1^ - 6^ ed.)1962 - 1973
BooksIngleseHow to Use your Pentax 35mm Cameras1982
BooksTedescoPentax MZ-72000
BooksTedescoPentax Z-10?
BooksTedescoPentax SFX1988
BooksOlandesePentax SFX1988
BooksInglesePentax SFX 1988
BooksTedescoPentax SFX und SFXn1989
BooksOlandesePentax SFX and SFXn1989
BooksInglesePentax SFX and SFXn1990
BooksTedescoPentax SF-71989
BooksOlandesePentax SF-71989
BooksInglesePentax SF-71989
BooksTedescoPentax Z-11992
BooksOlandesePentax Z-11992
BooksTedescoPentax Z-101992
BooksOlandesePentax Z-101992
BooksTedescoPentax Z-201993
BooksOlandesePentax Z-201993
BooksTedescoPentax Z-1p?
BooksTedescoPentax MZ-51995?
BooksIngleseThe Asahi Pentax Way (1^ - 11^ edizione)1966 - 1979
BooksItalianoIl libro Asahi Pentax (1^ - 2^ ed.)1969 / 1975
BooksTedescoDas Asahi Pentax Buch?
BooksSpagnoloManual Pentax Asahi?
BooksInglesePentax Users' Guide: K1000, P30n1990
BooksTedescoPentax K1000 und P30n1990
BooksTedescoPentax K1000 und P30t?
BooksIngleseA short course in Pentax photography (1^ - 2^ edizione)1979 / 1983
BooksInglesePentax ME Super book of Photography1982
BooksIngleseHeiland Pentax Guide Including Asahi Pentax1960
BooksTedescoZoom Kompakte Kreativ1994
BooksIngleseZoom Compact in Creative Use1994
BooksItalianoPentax MX1982
BooksItalianoPentax ME Super1982


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