SPOTMATIC is the official AOHC quarterly club magazine and is distributed free to all members. The magazine is our way to diffuse info about the history of Asahi Optical Co., technical details about Pentax equipment, newly introduced Pentax equipment, and keep AOHC members in touch. SPOTMATIC space is open to all members (and to authoritative non-members, subject to editor's approval).The SPOTMATIC magazine is only available printed on paper (English + Italian text) and through AOHC. A CDROM containing four magazines in pdf format and a report on the latest Pentax Day will be published once a year. Sorry, online edition unavailable. Some selected articles from SPOTMATIC are published in this website, while others will not.

Contributors to SPOTMATIC are Danilo Cecchi, Ermanno Barchiesi and Dario Bonazza from Italy, Ian D.C. Shephard and Derek J. White from Great Britain, Ralf Engelmann from Germany, Pedro Oliveira from Portugal, Peter Jonkman from the Netherlands, Preston Cook and Frederick C. Sherfy from U.S.A., Osamu Togo from Japan and many more all over the world.

English text for all articles started in January 1996. Original Italian articles are translated into English by Dario Bonazza or Flavio Minelli and kindly revised by Thomas Dooher.

When you join AOHC you can also order back issues and pay everything at once. See contents of back issues below.

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